10 Books Featuring Children of Color

One thing I love about the Montessori community is the commitment to peace education.  So often on social media, I am seeing parents and teachers striving towards representing, accepting, and valuing people of many cultures, races, and walks of life.  I find this inspiring and encouraging as we commit to peace with ourselves and with others in our home.

Last year I shared 13 Books Featuring Children of Color and the importance of representation.  All of these books feature black children and/or adults.  This is wonderful, as my children are both black.  But representation doesn’t stop there!  Throughout the last year, we have looked for books that depict people of other races, children who have been adopted, children with special needs, and various family compositions.  We search for books that are reality-based and have lovely illustrations (both for aesthetics and because I believe beautiful illustrations are a form of respect to the people being represented).  It’s not always easy.  The pickings are pretty slim for some people groups.  We’ve had the most difficulty locating books representing older child adoption, children with same-sex parents, special needs children, and Native American families.  But we will continue to search!  The respect and empathy these books can foster in our children is too important to simply give up.

Today, I’m sharing our 10 favorite books representing children of color that we’ve read over the past year.


Charlie’s HouseCrowing GloryGoyangi Means Cat

Mama’s SarisBrown Like MeMy Mei Mei

My Rows and Piles of CoinsAt the CrossroadsThe Boy on the Beach

For the 10th book, I’m highlighting When the Shadbush Blooms because I’m so excited to find a book that links history to the present day and also dispels common stereotypes of Native Americans.  I absolutely love how the reader can see typical, daily activities, both historical and modern, set side by side.



Do you have any book recommendations to foster peace education?  I’d love to hear them!


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